Rice grillage «Попкорник» 52 g

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52 g


34 pcs. per box



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Grilled cakes are one of the favourite treats of children and adults alike and are of the caramel type. Grilled cakes are a great alternative to sweets, toffee and other confectionery and require a minimum of ingredients – blown cereal grains and sugar.

Blown rice is specially processed (blown) grains, fully cooked and ready to eat. It is used both in confectionary production and in dietetic nutrition. The preparation of exploded grains of cereals includes the following operations: cleaning, calibration, conditioning, heat treatment in a cannon, sorting and packing. The grain becomes brittle, delicate in taste and easy to chew. The chemical composition of the product also changes. Particularly the carbohydrates undergo major changes. The starch content decreases, the dextrin content increases sharply, and the amount of water-soluble substances increases. Rice Krispies have a consistent taste, a correct, beautiful appearance. The products are hermetically sealed and protected from environmental influences. Such packaging retains the properties of the product during the specified shelf life. The whole production cycle from loading to packaging of the finished product is carried out on a fully automatic line, which guarantees high and consistent quality as well as compliance with all regulations and standards.

Directions for use: the product is fully ready to use. Can be used as a breakfast cereal and as a snack for different soft drinks.

Nutritional value of 100g of product:

Protein – 2.2 g, fat – 1.1 g, carbohydrates – 94.0 g.

Caloric value of “100 g product – 365 kcal.

Storage conditions:

Store in a cool, dry place at a t of no more than 18°C and a relative humidity of no more than 75%. TU 15.8-33771045-005:2009

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