Bacon-flavoured pellet snacks "САЛО.UA" 70g

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40 pcs. per box



Shelf life

6 mth.

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70 g


Made on the basis of pellet technology. These products have a number of advantages over conventional fresh crisps.
The frying time for bacontic in oil is 10-15 seconds and the oil content is 20-22%. To compare: ordinary chips are fried for 1-2 minutes and contain 40-45% vegetable oil. That’s why bacon chips have 50% less fat. They are perfect for those who like snacks but care about their figure and health.
What’s more, baconettes have a consistent taste and a correct, beautiful appearance.
The products are hermetically sealed and protected against environmental influences. Such packaging preserves the properties of the product during the specified shelf life.
The entire production cycle from loading to packaging of the finished product is carried out on a fully automatic line, which guarantees high and consistent quality, as well as compliance with all regulations and standards.

How to use:
The product is fully ready to use. Suitable as breakfast cereal, garnish for meat dishes and as snack for different soft drinks, broth, first courses and beer.

Nutritional value of 100g of the product:
Protein – 5,1 g;

fats – 25,9 gr;

Carbohydrates – 62,4 g.

Calorie content of 100 g product – 504 kcal.

Storage conditions store in a cool dry place at t max. 20 C and relative humidity max. 75%.

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