"BEST LONG CHIPS" paprika-flavoured crisps


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Shelf life

12 mth.


24 pcs. per box

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75 g




Prodtorgresurs Ltd. has been operating in the domestic and foreign markets of Ukraine for 20 years and has sufficient experience in foreign economic activity and logistics. In order to develop mutually beneficial trade relations between enterprises of our countries, we offer you to consider our commercial offer to supply our products such as crisps, tsukurki, snack pellets of Ukrainian origin.

We produce snack products. BEST LONG CHIPS crisps are designed for further export to the European Union, the Middle East and East Asia.

BEST LONG CHIPS are made on the basis of mashed dry potato. This product has a number of advantages over conventional chips made from fresh potatoes. BEST LONG CHIPS have a frying time of 10-15 seconds and a vegetable oil content of 20-22%. In comparison: ordinary chips are fried for 1-2 minutes and contain 40-45% vegetable oil. BEST LONG CHIPS therefore have 50% less fat. They are ideal for those who like snacks but care about their figure and health.

What’s more, the mashed potato chips have a consistent taste, a correct, beautiful appearance and are free of “peeks”.

The chips are safe from environmental influences. The chips are packaged in plastic boxes (korexes). The cokers, in turn, are hermetically sealed in a plastic film bag. Such packaging ensures that the product retains its consumer properties for the specified shelf life.

Constant control, reliable suppliers, and the professionalism of our employees are the guarantee of our success and stable development. Through direct contracts and agreements with the best companies in Ukraine and the world market, we offer favorable conditions for our partners.

Prodtorgresurs Ltd. – is a successful, stably growing company. And we are ready to become your reliable partner.

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