Extruded pellet snacks

Production of snack products (raw materials)

We produce pellets for further production of snacks and chips of various shapes and recipes at your production and supply our products to companies in 6 countries around the world.
Our team is industry professionals who carefully produce pellets for you.

Own capacities and certified production

Production of snacks – pellets is carried out on high-quality equipment of a full cycle.
We use only high-quality raw materials for the production of our snack pellets.
Snack – pellets is an intermediate product made from raw materials, which includes: cereals, potatoes or vegetable powders. These semi-finished products are usually supplied to snack manufacturers. Which then process the pellets into finished products using different methods: frying, baking, etc. Our products do not contain GMOs. We are widely represented in the local market both under our own brand and under private labels.

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