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The product range includes the following items: snacks, chips, confectionery, and pellet snacks. The products we produce are widely available on the local market, both under our own brand name and under the “Private Label”.

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Prodtorgresurs Ltd. has a goal to expand its presence in the near abroad and European Union countries. We are constantly expanding our active distribution network and are open to dialogue with new partners. Working with us, you get a responsible manufacturer and a partner with 20 years of experience in one person with whom you can build a long-term business.

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We are interested in cooperation with the following retail chains:


For more than 14 years we have been offering our snacks under our own brand name (PL).

For the owner of the brand, the advantage of producing goods under a private label is:

Our chips under PL can be found in 6 countries: Poland, Moldova, Bulgaria, Turkey, Georgia, and Ukraine.

If you are interested in seeing our chips and other products in your packaging under your brand name, even your chosen flavor, please contact us.

Prodtorgresurs LLC

Production of snack and confectionery products

Prodtorgresurs LLC is the leader in the popularity of products among snack manufacturers in many regions of Ukraine and Europe.

The product range includes the following items: snacks, chips, confectionery products, and pellets. All products are available in packs of different weights. Chips come in 12 different flavors. These are traditional flavors that are popular with all customers (such as “cheese”, “kebab”, “ham”, “bacon”), as well as savory preferences that differ from other manufacturers’ products.

High quality

The advanced positions in sales are ensured by the high quality of product processing and packaging. The products undergo the most stringent quality control at all stages of production and are distinguished by their delicate structure and excellent flavor, which are guaranteed to last for 12 months.

The unique bright packaging, created by European designers, is distinguished by its originality and colorfulness. This is an essential detail in the competitive advantages of “Prodtorgresurs” products. For many years the products of Prodtorgresurs LLC take part in international exhibitions-fairs and receive high awards for the excellent quality of the products manufactured.

The company Prodtorgresurs LLC is a manufacturer, all products are made in-house. Products have all the documents and certificates of quality. There is a delivery. Looking for partners in the near abroad, as well as in Ukraine, distributors, retail networks and Private Entrepreneurship.

With our company you can buy chips, snacks and snack pellets at wholesale prices, large lots of goods.

Certificate ISO 22000:2005

In May 2014 the company LLC “Prodtorgresurs” carried out fruitful work in preparation for obtaining ISO 22000:2005 certification. This standard is designed for the food industry and aims to harmonize food safety management requirements for all participants in the food chain.

Obtaining this certificate is a serious reason for the company to participate in tenders, the certificate reflects the new level of quality of customer service, as well as confirms the reliability of the company for both partners and consumers. ISO 22000 certification is proof of the safety of products and services in the food industry.

Obtaining a certificate for the production of potato chips and snack products gave the company LLC “Prodtorgresurs” the opportunity to stand out among competitors, to demonstrate concern for customers, the ability to enter into more favorable contracts, as well as enhance the image and prestige of the company.


Stable turnover throughout the year, no major seasonal fluctuations in sales


Unique flavors and exclusive recipes developed by our specialists

Price Setting

Allows you to form a sales price with a markup of 100% or more to the delivery price